Wings Travel Management launches its first new Wings Global Service Centre (GSC)

Wings Global Service Centre (GSC)

Wings Travel Management, a premier provider of niche travel and specialised people logistics, further accelerates its worldwide expansion with the launch of its first Wings Global Service Centre (GSC) in Manila.

During the Covid pandemic, Wings invested strategically in expanding its global network in areas where it mattered to its customers. It also invested in both people and technology to enhance its service delivery to its clients in all corners of the world.

To this end, Wings has embarked on an ambitious plan to create a “Centre of Excellence” in Manila, staffed exclusively by Wings’ own employees.

The Wings GSC will incorporate all areas of the business but will focus primarily on client services and incident management followed by finance and technologies. It will also provide a host of shared functions that will support other Wings divisions and regions.

“We initially deployed a small team in the Philippines in 2020 to support our US operation and it became very evident, very quickly, that the country provided a platform for service excellence driven by geography, time zone adoption, infrastructure, and the availability of a highly experienced/multi-lingual workforce” explained Paul East, Wings’ Chief Operations Officer. “We, therefore, decided to accelerate this project and have plans for significant future growth. As you can appreciate, trying to manage such a key expansion in the midst of Covid has been challenging, but we managed to deliver on our goals, with a very supportive local team” continued East.

“The Wings GSC team will incorporate a group of specially hand-picked professionals who will support various regions, functions and their respective clients. They will also undergo an intensive onboarding process, which I am confident will improve our Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) significantly and align to our passion of placing our customers and their safety first.”

Wings’ Chief Executive, Tony Sofianos commented, “I am very excited about the impact this move will have on our business and am delighted to welcome our new colleagues in the Philippines to our Wings’ family. At the start, I was somewhat hesitant about offshoring services, but having tried and tested our new service personally and, having listened to direct feedback from our customer base, I am confident this move will transform our business and our quality service offering in so many ways.”

Wings will also consolidate the majority of its Wings24® emergency after-hour support operations within the new centre. “Continuity and Consistency of customer service wherever and whenever our travellers need us remains our primary goal. Our ethos is that comes from having your own, highly experienced team available around the clock” continued Sofianos. “As we exit this pandemic, clients and suppliers will see we have reignited our passion for the travel business and for growth”.

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