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As a global CTM company, our goal is simple: to provide you with robust data, at speed. Because Wings has no affiliates or franchisees, data provision is seamless, available on demand and to the highest standard.

Together we can use the data to help you analyse travel patterns and spending, identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate better rates. You can make data-driven decisions about your travel programs and, crucially, measure the results. Our technology is built to streamline the process through a single, global platform: WingsOne.

Eliminate conflicting policies and time-consuming aggregation of data


Our goal is to simplify the complex business of travel management. WingsOne is our global service platform built on best-in-class technology. It is designed to make our service easy to use and to integrate seamlessly with your business processes.

Because Wings is a single wholly owned and run TMC, we don’t rely on piecemeal data from third parties or networks of affiliates. We deliver all the information you need to manage your travel programme – accurately, securely and fast. The complete picture.

Flexibility in practice

Data can be sliced and diced in any number of ways, for example by country or by group spend. We can provide global clients with a single consolidated dataset, saving countless hours of wrestling with multiple datasets. You may choose to analyse your data by passenger name, job code, department, airline, hotel origin city or any other granular level. We can also look at cost per mile on all flights to optimise routes. And we can personalise the accessibility of data to a region, to an individual or by business unit.

Traveller experience

How we make every traveller feel like our number one client.


How it works

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