Unlocking special fares and rates

It’s no secret that airlines yield management programmes offer different fares in different markets and although there are a few carriers who are moving to a single global pricing strategy, the benefits of accessing this variable content are numerous. Every Wings operation accesses one single global distribution systems (GDS) which offers our staff the opportunity to compare both global and local fare opportunities.

Route Deals

Often larger corporations working across a variety of continents wish to negotiate and control their own deals on high traffic routes, but even these deals should be benchmarked against the best available fares and Wings can advise on the optimal deals available in each market.

Specially negotiated fares

We also have private nett fare agreements with a variety of global airlines. You cannot source these fares through normal published fare channels. They are discounted and negotiated expressly for you, our client. And, of course, we have full access to consolidator and web fares as well. All of these speciality fares are available to help lower your travel programme costs.

Exclusive offshore and marine fares

Our negotiated fares, exclusively for offshore and marine travel, help keep costs to a minimum while ensuring exceptional logistics management.

Advantages for qualifying travellers include:

  • Guaranteed fares
  • Significantly discounted
  • Fully refundable/changeable without penalty
  • No advanced purchase required
  • One-way or round-trip
  • Travel in any direction
  • Tiered service class options available
  • Frequent flyer benefits available on some carriers
  • Customised value-adds

The benefit of a managed hotel programme

By recognising that our client’s hotel requirements differ significantly, we work with you to set and achieve objectives for your hotel expenditure. Wings will develop a bespoke, managed hotel programme that works in synergy with your business needs, while identifying the greatest areas of opportunity. By adopting recommended policy and process improvements impressive cost savings can be realised.

Cost management, hotel availability, booking processes and overall hotel quality ensure you get the best rates and hotels, most suited to your travellers’ requirements.

Our hotel team will strategically review your hotel programme which will cover managing spend, travel policy compliance, efficiency of bookings, traveller satisfaction and duty of care.

Wings’ global hotel service provides:

  • Strategic analysis of your current hotel programme
  • Procurement and negotiation with hotels
  • Access to Wings approved hotel rates
  • Recommendations on communicating policy to travellers
  • Proprietary traveller profiling tool and behaviour management
  • Efficient booking processes, increasing booker productivity and reducing errors
  • Provision of accurate and consolidated management information
  • Flexible payment options and fulfilment
  • A managed hotel programme that forms and supports your travel risk management

Booking compliance

We appreciate it’s a challenge to keep travellers bookings within policy and how important it is to reduce non-compliance. Our technology can track travel costs, analyse traveller and booker behaviour, pinpoint rogue travellers and non-compliance trends, offering you the opportunity to address issues as they arise.

By working together in partnership, we believe that by educating your travellers and monitoring their behaviour and satisfaction levels, we can support you in minimising non-compliance across your programme.

Visibility of spend – management of total cost of trip

Reporting needs to go beyond looking at the basic cost of travelling point-to-point, not only comparing air, hotel and ground transportation, but going further to analyse the real total cost of the trip. Wings is focused on total cost of trip reporting and uses benchmarking to highlight performance and illustrate the potential cost savings.

Looking beyond the main elements of travel such as air and ground transport and considering all of the other costs involved, such as; food, beverages and entertainment, is vital in managing total overall costs. Once you create one single view of the real total cost of the trip, you can evaluate the travel requirement against budgets. Our travel data can easily be downloaded into your expense management tool to offer an in-depth view of the total cost.







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