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Aggregation of trip information is key for business travellers and Wings Mobile does just that.

A personalised, versatile and easy to use mobile app. for the exclusive use of Wings Travel Management’s global business travellers.

The app places visibility and control of each and every trip in the hands of the business traveller ensuring that they can move safely and securely across any region of the world. This app delivers real-time notifications, itinerary updates and travel alerts, all accessible in one centralised, simple-to-navigate place without the need for paper or multiple emails.

Clients can travel with confidence knowing that behind the scenes they are accompanied throughout their journey by a worldwide team of Wings’ own full-time dedicated business travel consultants working across all five continents.

Core app features include:

    • Centralised individual traveller profile management, personalised traveller risk assessment, push notifications and travel alerts with full trip itinerary management.
    • For flight management it allows for flight details, mobile check-in, real time flight status/details with alerts, flight delay predications, daily itineraries, an online booking tool and mobile check in.
    • Navigating the way through an airport has never been easier with the interactive airport maps. Added to this the app allows for the following airport services; directions to the airport, food ordering, lounge facilities, wait times, airline baggage policies and transfer features.
    • Over and above managing flights and accommodation, the app comes with an array of additional features allowing individuals to more effectively organise their entire journey door to door. These includes visa services, tours and other leisure activities, offline destination maps/directions and geolocation (street search) by foot, subway, and car which can all be integrated into Uber and Lyft.
    • Rain or shine the app provides weather updates, allows for trip and location sharing as well as the option to control every expense incurred in an active expense tool.
    • Managing a trip approval process can be done via a desktop by email, or directly within the mobile app via push-notifications. This is organised within the clients’ own prescribed travel policy while meeting the duty of care/traveller tracking needs of each and every business.
    • Full traveller self-book functionality, hotel bill back confirmations and integrated Traveller Expense Management options are only available if requested.
    • This app is available on iOS, Android and HTML5 in ten languages: English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.


100% Visibility and control of each and every trip a personalised, versatile and easy to use mobile app. For the exclusive use of Wings Travel Management’s global business travellers.

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