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A Little Extra

A rash of new offerings in the premium economy class cabin is good news for the cost-conscious corporate The trend towards corporates taking into account the wellbeing of their travellers has...
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Staying Power

The hotel spend category is firmly in the spotlight as tactics to maximise it are many and varied. Containing costs on accommodation is a major driver for corporates and it rests on accessing the...
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Smooth Operator

Staying one step ahead of delays and cancellations is the name of the game if travellers are to experience trips without blips Seamless travel, end-to-end travel and frictionless travel are all...
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Staying Ahead of the Game

Something strange and wonderful is happening to our rather staid global hotel chains. They are launching funky hotel brands in order to capture a newer, younger audience and keep in the game as...
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The Long and Short of it

Low-cost, long-haul travel: The advent of more fuel-efficient, long-haul aircraft has kept aloft one particular sector of the aviation market: low-cost, long-haul, says Gillian...
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Sky-high Comfort

Business class 40,000 feet up has never been better as airlines upgrade their premium cabins as new aircraft types join their fleet. Think of a desirable Business class cabin and the Middle...
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Cautionary Tales

The physical impact of business travel is something to take seriously, before it’s too late says Gillian Upton. Global terrorism has placed traveller safety on the top of the agenda and rightly...
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