10 06 BLUE //WELCOME 03 04 NEWS REVIEW A round-up of news from around the globe 06 TIME TRAVELLERS Our industry sector profile looks at the travel predilections of time-poor executives in the legal profession 08 FIT FOR TRAVEL? We unpack what it means to fully cover risk mitigation and duty of care for employees in a travel programme 10 EASY DOES IT Check out our selection of gadgets that make up today’s essential business kit for road warriors 14 ABERDEEN POWERS ON Insider’s guide to Aberdeen as a business and leisure destination 18 DRIVING BUSINESS AS USUAL Meet Kim Parker, Head of Business Development in London at Wings Global Travel FEATURES 08 14 DISCLAIMER: Comments, views and recommendations contained within this magazine are based on the author’s opinions. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this magazine is correct, neither Wings Global Travel nor the contributors make any representations in respect of the content of this magazine and they cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, which may arise from or be attributable to any errors or omissions or for any consequences resulting therefrom. Wings is a global travel management company serving industries where the safe and efficient movement of people is critical to business. Wings manages complex, bespoke travel programmes for clients in the investment banking, legal and professional services, energy and marine, and mining and manufacturing sectors. Founded in 1992, Wings employs over 450 people and has 20 international, wholly owned and managed operations, best-in-class technology and unrivalled service standards. WHO IS WINGS GLOBAL TRAVEL? It is a truism to say that good, successful businesses thrive on their staff and Wings is certainly no different. Wings is undoubtedly the success it is today because of its exceptional people, valued above all else. This issue has a strong people theme. We reveal how those travelling on business should be taken care of by integrating duty of care in travel programmes. Traveller tracking pre-trip is the starting point of a multi-levered approach to risk mitigation and we outline what is best practice. The subject spills over into our destination report on the dynamic north east Scottish city of Aberdeen where the future of the city’s skilled workforce in the energy sector hangs in the balance. We go behind the scenes of those working for law firms in our industry sector profile, showcasing how Wings satisfies all the nuances including tight SLAs for these time-poor professionals. You may also like our guide to the must-have gadgets which help business travellers ease their time away from home and the office and, finally, find out how Kim Parker manages her role as Head of Business Development at Wings in our regular feature profiling members of the Wings team. Tony Sofianos President & CEO Wings Global Travel © Visit Scotland/Paul Tomkins