how much you know until they know how much you care”. I am a thoughtful, self-aware and caring leader, also driven, tenacious and determined and I support, lead and mentor my teams to success. I do not expect my team to do any task I would not do myself and I consult and engage in decision making. The welfare of my team is vitally important to me as a happy team delivers outstanding results and that’s how we take care of the business needs. Q How easy will it be to maintain the strong Wings service ethos as business volumes increase? A The travel team and business development team at Wings are intrinsically service orientated and this means that we will always see what is possible, always look for the best solution and also ask for help from colleagues if we need it. As a team no one person will be left to manage increasing volumes alone. We will work together to ensure the increase in volume does not mean the reduction of our service levels. As we grow we will look for additional staff who match theWings culture and have the experience and passion to service our clients. I am looking forward to offering opportunities to our industry colleagues to be part of the Wings team. Q What is the attraction of dealing with high touch, high value clients? A I personally like high-touch clients as there is always something we can learn. Different experiences within the team makes us the business we are and this has come from managing different clients with unique needs. We have built a company which has learned the energy and finance sector nuances and can now add enormous value to them. I love the challenge of a business which has unique business needs, which takes the time to understand the travellers and their travel needs. Building trusted relationships is the biggest attraction for me. Q What are the biggest changes you have witnessed in the travel business? A The move to technology and ensuring you can be professionally managing travel on the move is the biggest change I have seen, not only in the fact that our business can work in a remote location and still provide excellent services to our clients but that we can provide technology that allows a traveller to manage their own bookings and have travel information and documentation on an app at their figure tips. Managing an account with technology such as online booking tools and Teams is effective, however, I still believe personal engagement adds huge value and we encourage our clients to meet with us face to face. Personal interaction has been the biggest change in our business and we need to work to ensure we always keep human interaction at the forefront. Q What do you see as the biggest challenges that lie ahead in the market? A Balance – the challenge is to balance the evolving technology with high-touch customer care. We need to embrace technology, educate our traveller but never lose the personal touch. Q Are you optimistic for the future of the business travel market? A I am very optimistic as the industry is rebounding well from the last few years of turmoil and people in general are eager to reconnect on all levels. If you’d like to find out more about Wings please contact “THE MOVE TO TECHNOLOGY AND ENSURING YOU CAN BE PROFESSIONALLY MANAGING TRAVEL ON THE MOVE IS THE BIGGEST CHANGE I HAVE SEEN” 19 BLUE // MEET THE TEAM