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Wings Viewpoint

Summer 2024: The Return of Corporate Retreats 

Post-pandemic, corporate culture is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Attributed to the rise of remote and flexible working environments, this change has led to challenges in fostering strong...
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Airports as Business Hubs – Is Your Next Meeting Happening in a Terminal?

For most business travellers, airports are a part of standard routine, a necessity as they transit from one point to another. While, yes, airports can often be dull or tedious, it is not to say...
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Sector Focus: Banking on Success

Investment banking has particular characteristics that require a specific style of business travel management. London prides itself on its robust financial services sector which represents a...
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Time Travellers

Providing travel arrangements for law firms is exacting and demanding but something that Wings Global Travel takes in its stride. When a partner in any top US law firm counsels clients at a cool...
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Driving Change: Rail – Part two

Greening your supply chain is a fundamental step in achieving your carbon reduction goals. Gillian Upton explores in this Driving Change series. Despite months of strikes in the UK, train...
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Driving Change – Part one

Greening your supply chain is a fundamental step in achieving your carbon reduction goals writes Gillian Upton As if buyers don’t have enough on their hands - driving travel policies by CO2...
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