Marine & Offshore Travel – All hands on deck

Wings® Travel Management, in partnership with Amadeus, is pleased to present you with the recently released white paper Marine & Offshore Travel: All hands on deck. This commissioned research paper provides insightful information on how the industry is changing – the shape and size of the industry, the specialised and expert support required and the technology that’s come in to play – and how TMCs like Wings Travel Management are addressing these challenges.
Marine & Offshore Travel - All hands on deck
Understanding Your Needs in Order to Add More Value

Wings and Amadeus remain committed to ongoing research like this that enables us, collectively, to continue learning and customising our travel and support logistic solutions to better serve our Marine and Offshore (M&O) travellers. For example, this research provides further insight into:

  • M&O industry statistics
  • M&O Traveller profile and patterns
  • Safety and security needs
  • Solutions that drive down costs
  • New technology that enables efficiencies
  • M&O expert support
  • Strong service levels with 24/7 support
  • Proactive account management

All of this information helps us, together, to better understand and support your travellers’ needs. Also, you’ll see that this research reinforces the fact that travel management specialists require flexibility, versatility, open technology, dedicated skills and in-depth knowledge. For this reason, Wings will continue our sustained investment, strategic partnerships and committed focus on these areas. Of course, commuter tracking and cost management continue to be our main priorities.

Solving Your Toughest Challenges Worldwide

Through our global support services focused on people logistics, mobility and sector expertise, Wings is enabling the success of service-critical businesses like yours. Partnering with strategic global industry suppliers like Amadeus only enhances our support to the complex and mission-critical sector that is Marine and Offshore.

Let’s Talk

We hope this research stimulates some good conversation, especially on how we can collectively seek improved efficiencies to better serve your travellers’ needs. After you’ve had some time to read through the paper, let’s talk. We are here to serve you, 24/7/365.